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Does Your Hardwood Need to be Refinished?

As a homeowner, it’s an incredible feeling to know that your gorgeous hardwood flooring will retain its value and will even increase the resale value of your home if you decide to go on the market. However, it’s very possible that your hardwood will experience dulling or scratching over time. If this is the case, have no fear! If you have solid hardwood flooring, you can have it refinished time and time again to restore its illustrious surface! But how do you know if the time has come to consider a refinishing for your flooring? At Warnike, we want you to have all of the information! Here’s what to watch out for.


If you have an energetic household, you will want to choose a hardwood with tremendous durability, which will make it a better fit for active families. The species of your hardwood can actually play a huge role in one of the most common forms of damage: scratching. Harder, lighter-colored wood will stand up to and disguise scratches better, and smaller scratches can usually be sanded out or strategically covered up. However, scratches that go through the stain of the wood will be visible until you eventually refinish the floor. You can decide when the floor has too many scratches and needs resanding.


If your home gets ample amounts of natural light, you will need to monitor your hardwood for fading over the years. The UV rays found in sunlight will dull your hardwood’s luster with prolonged exposure. Although we love the way natural light creates a healthy glow, the fading can create an undesirable contrast. Rotating your furniture periodically can help to slow the unevenness of fading. Ultimately, you can remove all of that fading with new staining.

Cupping or Cracking

Living in humid climates can negatively affect your hardwood flooring. Excessive humidity and moisture can cause cupping, which is when the planks swell and almost seem to overlap. On the other hand, excess dryness can cause planks to crack. While it is natural for hardwood to expand and contract, you’ll want to restore your flooring to address cupping and cracking and consider using a humidifier or dehumidifier in the future.


Any discoloration in your hardwood flooring is cause for concern. The discoloration occurs when the wood has begun to oxidize from moisture damage. This likely resulted from a spill, pet accident, or use of an improper cleaning product. You should consider restoring your hardwood if you find discoloration; otherwise, it may get worse and will need to be replaced.

If you’ve noticed an imperfection in your hardwood but are not currently able to refinish it, you can always consider hiding the damage with a stylish area rug from our . You can also consult with our hardwood inspiration gallery to see the latest trends if you’re considering new hardwood. As always, feel free to visit Warnike in Milan, OH and we’ll address any questions or concerns you may have!