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Establish a proper care routine to keep your laminate in top shape.


Daily care is simple! Simply sweep, dry mop, and vacuum your flooring as needed. Keep in mind that most laminate products are not fully moisture-resistant unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer and should therefore not be wet mopped. When vacuuming, use the hard surface attachment. Avoid using steel wool or a buffing or polishing machine on your laminate, as it could result in scratches or other surface damage.

Heavy appliances can cause dents or marks on your flooring over time; protect your flooring by placing heavy appliances on mats. Use wide dollies whenever you need to move furniture across the floor. Add an area rug or two to protect your flooring and increase its longevity while adding warmth to the room!

Laminate flooring | Warnike Carpet & Tile
Laminate care | Warnike Carpet & Tile


If you have a spill, blot it up immediately with a clean cloth. Don't let moisture absorb into your flooring, as laminate is a wood-based product and might warp. Periodically wipe your flooring with cleaning products made specifically for wood flooring.

For tougher or more complex stains that don't simply wipe away or leave a residue, you might need a more powerful cleaning solution. If so, consult your manufacturer's guidelines or give us a call at Messina's Flooring for recommendations.

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