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Contemporary and durable, tile is a timeless flooring solution.

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Both chic and classic, tile, whether ceramic or natural stone, makes a statement. It's elegant and trendy. Some is even made of recycled content. And tile is not just for the kitchen or bath—our styles captivate in any room of the house. You can even put tile in the bedroom, evoking the dreamy feeling of a Roman villa. In any space, you’ll love the timeless look of tile.

Laundry room flooring | Warnike Carpet & Tile
Office tile | Warnike Carpet & Tile
Tile in bathroom | Warnike Carpet & Tile
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While tile is easy to care for, it's important to use the right cleaning products so you don't damage your flooring.


There are so many ways to install tile. The possibilities truly are endless! Warnike will install your tiles along with your customized layout and ensure that you receive the very best workmanship in town. Tile installations can be done for your floors, backsplashes, mud shower bases, fireplaces, or bathrooms. Find out more about our process and how you can prepare for the installation.

Tile installation | Warnike Carpet & Tile